Business enterprises having the following type or nature of business shall be given priority under the Amended 2009 Provincial Investment Incentives Ordinance of Bataan:

1. Enterprise to be established in less-developed areas in the province or growth sub-centers in accordance with the approved Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plan (PDPFP)
2. Manufacturing enterprises using raw materials available locally
3. Manufacturing and Processing Plants
4. Tourism-Oriented Enterprises

This covers the following:

  • Tourism Enterprises – this covers the establishment of facilities, services and attractions involved in tourism such as, but not limited to: travel and tour services; tourist transport services, whether for land, sea or air transportation; tour guides; adventure sports services involving such sports as mountaineering, spelunking, scuba diving and other sports activities of significant tourism potential; convention organizers; accommodation establishments, including, but not limited to hotels, resorts, apartelles, tourist inns, motels, pension houses, and home stay operators; tourism estate management services, restaurants, shops and department stores, sports and recreational centers, spas, museums and galleries, theme parks, convention centers and zoos.
  • Medical Tourism Facilities- Tertiary Hospitals for medical tourism
5. Pioneering Enterprises

This covers the following:

  • Enterprises which manufacture, process or produce, and not merely involved in  the assembly or packaging of goods, products, commodities or raw materials that have not been or are not being produced in the province on a commercial scale; or
  • Enterprise which uses a design, formula, scheme, method, process or system of production or transformation of any element, substance or raw materials into another raw material or finished goods which is new and untried in the province; or
  • Engaged in the pursuit of agricultural, forestry and/or services including the industrial aspects of food processing whenever appropriate, pre-determined by the Board, in consultation with the appropriate Department, to be feasible and highly essential to the attainment of the national goal, in relation to a declared specific national food and agricultural program for self-sufficiency and other social benefits of the project; or
  • Project which produces non-conventional fuels or manufactures equipment which utilize non-conventional  sources of energy or other  non-conventional fuels or sources of energy in its production, manufacturing or processing operations. Provided That the final product in any of the foregoing instances, involves or will involve substantial use and processing of domestic raw materials, whenever available; taking into account the risks and magnitude of investment.
6. Export Service-Oriented Enterprises

This covers service activities rendered to clients abroad such as call center, business/knowledge processing, software development, animation, data transcription, engineering design, ICT support activities and other BPM-related industries.

7. Water and Power Resource Development Enterprises
8. Telecommunications Development Enterprises

This covers the establishment of new telecommunications infrastructure in the provinces particularly in the rural areas as endorsed by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) and utilizing at least fiber optic technology.

9. Agriculture/Agri-business Enterprises and Fishery|

This covers production and processing of agricultural and fishery products including their by-products and wastes, biofuels, feeds, and organic fertilizers.

10. Research and Development

This covers commercial and in-house R&D activities, and the establishment of centers for excellence, innovation and skills development training institutions.

11. Engineered  Products

This covers shipbuilding and repair, manufacture of machinery and equipment, including their parts and components, basic iron and steel products, long steel products (billets and reinforcing steel bars).

12. Solid Waste Management and Industrial Waste Water Projects

This covers the establishment of waste recycling or treatment facility integrated with manufacturing facility to produce semi-finished or finished products using inputs 100% from locally-generated solid waste materials and scraps. It also covers the establishment of industrial waste water treatment facilities and the adoption of water pollution control technology, cleaner production and waste minimization.

13. Power Generation

Generation of power using alternative sources such as hydro, solar, wind, wave power, geothermal, bio-energy and tidal power that do not produce greenhouse effect or compromise the ability of the future generations to meet their needs. It also includes technology designs to improve energy efficiency.

14. Green Project

This covers manufacture of environment-friendly products using recyclable materials, less petroleum products and chemicals.

15. Port Development and Operation