The fastest growing freeport in the Philippines

  • More than 100 locators
  • 20,000 jobs created
  • Biggest amount of new investments at P45.64 billion for the year 2014

The Freeport Area of Bataan

Why Us?

Superior in Location

The FAB is the only Freeport in the Manila Bay area, the Philippines’ center of trade. The FAB is an ideal transshipment hub, strategically located at a prime transit point for domestic, regional , and global shipping.

It is 160 km away from Manila, the Philippine’s capital, a 2 1/2 hour drive, a 55-minute boat ride, or a 25-minute flight.

The FAB is 90.6 km away from Subic Freeport, a short one-hour drive. Clark Freeport is 117km away from the FAB, a quick hour and a half’s trip by land. It takes less than 20 minutes to travel by air to these freeports from FAB.

Strategic Transit Point in SEA


1300 kms.
1100 kms.
2600 kms.
2500 kms.
1200 kms.

The FAB is within the vicinity of three international airports located in Manila, Clark, and Subic.

Superior in Incentives

RA 9728 Last October 23, 2009, RA 9728 officially converted the BEZ into the Freeport Area of Bataan (FAB). Its purpose is to revitalize the area and offer the BEST INCENTIVES IN THE COUNTRY.

The FAB offers one of the best incentives packages in the Philippines.


  1. Income Tax Holidays (ITH) for four years extendable to a maximum of eight years. And after the ITH, a 5% tax on gross income earned is imposed in lieu of all national and local taxes;
  2. Exemption from duties and taxes on imported capital equipment, spare parts, other supplies and raw materials;
  3. Exemption from wharfage dues, export taxes, imposts and fees;
  4. Domestic sales allowance of up to 30% of total sales;
  5. Permanent resident status for foreign investors and immediate family members;
  6. Tax-free importation of personal equipment for use within the Freeport, and
  7. The FAB is the only freeport in the Philippines that can sell real property.

Superior Facilities


The FAB has a dedicated power supply, providing the cheapest electricity costs in the Philippines. GN Power keeps the FAB running, operating a 600MW clean coal-fired power plant.


The FAB has 2.4 billion gallon-capacity dam, complemented by a water treatment plant capable of delivering 14 million gallons of water everyday. The dam is fed by 1,500 hectares of a forested and well-protected watershed.


The FAB has a fully-functional sewage treatment plant that can process 15,000 cubic meters of waste per day.

Superior Natural Endowments


The FAB is the only freeport surrounded by two bodies of water – the Manila Bay (industrial side) and the West Philippine Sea (tourism and residential side).


With the depth of 11-13 meters, the FAB harbor is ideal for national and international port operations as it can accommodate big cargo vessels.


Beyond these natural wonders, the FAB prides itself with its people. Bataan ranks the highest in the human development index in Region 3, also ranking 4th nationwide.

With the biggest Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) manpower-training facility situated at the FAB itself, locators are assured of capable and well-equipped workers.

Superior Business Facilitation Support System

The AFAB’s partnerships with the Department of Labor and Employment, the Bureau of Immigration, and the Bureau of Customs, facilities more efficient procedures for the issuance of work permits, visas for foreign nationals, and import/export requirements of FAB locators.

These partnerships also serve as the foundations for the one-stop that AFAB established to service its locators 24/7.

Today, the AFAB offers the following services with its partners:

  • Enhanced Automated Cargo Transfer System
  • Immigration One-Stop Shop
  • Labor Center
Managed by The Authority of the Freeport Area of Bataan
Location Mariveles, Bataan
Distance from Manila 160 kilometers
Total Land Area 1,691.55 hectares
Residential 469.13 hectares Agricultural Plantation/Orchard 49.53 hectares
Commercial 148.68 hectares Institutional 5.80 hectares
Industrial 545.93hectares Forest 377.41 hectares
Tourism/Recreational 57.05 hectares Others 38.02 hectares
BASECO Area 380 hectares
Land Lease Rate PhP 17.78/square meter/month
Garbage Collection Fee PhP 77.90/cubic meter
Sewerage Fee PhP 4.80 x 80% of water consumption
Minimum Wage PhP 349.00/day Company with total assets of Php 30M or more
Php 342.00/day Company with total assets of less than Php 30M
Other Benefits for Workers
Social Security System Employer Share PhP 673.00
Employee Share PhP 327.00
Phil Health Employer Share PhP 100.00
Employee Share PhP 100.00
Power Supply Source National Transmission Corp.
Voltages 13,800V, 110V, 220V, 440V
Industrial Rate PhP 6.12/kilowatt hour (average)
GN Power Mariveles Coal Plant Ltd. Co. is putting up a 600MW clean coal-fired power plant beside the FAB.
Water Supply Source 2.4 billion-gallon capacity dam complemented by water treatment plant capable of delivering 14 million gallons of water everyday.
Industrial Rates 1-25 cu.m. – Php138.74 minimum
26 cu.m. to 1,000 cu.m. – Php6.00/cu.m
above 1,000 cu.m. – Php6.48/cu.m
Commercial Rates 1-25 cu.m. – Php128.16 minimum
26 cu.m. to 1,000 cu.m. – Php5.12/cu.m.
above 1,000 cu.m. – Php6.13/cu.m
Residential Rates 1-15 cu.m. – Php17.50
16-20 cu.m. – Php29.44
21-25 cu.m. – Php44.06
26-30 cu.m. – Php63.97
Communications Telephones, telefax and internet lines connect the FAB within minutes to any part of the world. PLDT, ComClark, Globe Telecom and Digitel are servicing the needs of the FAB locators.
Banks Philippine National Bank (PNB), Land Bank of the Phils. (LBP) & Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC)
Recreation Covered tennis and pelota courts, basketball and volleyball courts, a clubhouse, hotels and restaurants are found right inside the zone
Road Network 4 lane, 2 way system
Government Agencies Government agencies like the Bureau of Customs, the Department of Labor and Employment, the Social Security System, Commission on Audit and the Philippine Postal Authority extend their services to the workers and other clients inside the FAB.
Other Information Offices of shippers, forwarders, truckers, security agencies, insurance companies, accounting and auditing firms, engineering consultants, and manpower services are also located inside zone. The Freeport Area of Bataan has its own Fire Control Division and Police Force that maintain peace and order and the safety of its investors and residents. There are also clinics that can answer the immediate medical needs of the community.
Preferred Industries Light, Medium and Heavy Industries