General Information
Address A. Ricardo, Bagac, Bataan 2107
Website www.bagacbataan.gov.ph
Contact Number 0917-873-3906/0917-319-2646
Email NDA
Total Land Area 23,120 hectares
Urban Area 6.46 sq.m.
Permits (in Peso)
Mayor’s Permit 300.00 to 20,000.00
Sanitary Permit 150.00 to 370.00
Health Permit 100.00/employee
Inspection Fee 200.00
Environmental Fee 240.00-up (based on Revised Revenue Code)
Business Permit 300.00
Ind. Mayor’s Permit 100.00/employee
Signboard Fee 200.00 to 520.00
Mandatory Business Taxes *Based on Revised Revenue Code of 2014
Processing Time (no. of days for new and renewal of applications New : 45 minutes
Renew : 30 minutes
Minimum Daily Wage Rate
Skilled Labor 324.00 to 338.00
Technical Labor 324.00 to 338.00
Management Labor 342.00 to 349.00
Average Median Income 342.00 to 349.00
Total Population 29,294 (Year 2015/Source:RHU)
Population Growth 1.34%
Labor Pool Size
Labor Pool Growth
Unemployment Rate
Underemployment Rate
Education Level
No. of students who completed secondary education (public and private school) 8,815
No. of residents who completed tertiary education 1,683
No. of residents who completed vocational education 1,495
Skilled Labor Availability NDA
Management Labor Availability NDA
English Languange Proficiency NDA
Number of Schools
Technical/Vocational Schools 2 (K-12)
Tertiary Schools 1
Number of College Graduate per year
2016 NDA
2015 NDA
2014 NDA
Installation and Tapping 2,500.00
Residential (0-10 cu m) min 158.00
Commercial (0-10 cu m) min 316.00
Commercial – Low Voltage NDA
Commercial – Higher Voltage NDA
Residential – Monthly NDA
Commercial – Monthly NDA
Residential (with DSL up to 2mbps) 1,000.00
Commercial (with landline) 1,000.00
Cost of Living-Accomodation/Rent
Residential (minimum/month)
Commercial (minimum/month) 3,000.00 to 5,000.00
Condominium (minimum/month)
Business/Traveller/Condotel (minimum/night) 3,000.00 to 8,000.00
Office Rental (minimum/month) 3,000.00 to 5,000.00
Cost of Living-Public Transport
Bus Bus – COB to Bagac – 45.00
Mini Bus NDA
Jeep NDA
Tricycle – within the City of Balanga 12.00
Access to Port Facilities (list/names) NDA
Access to Air Cargo/Passenger Service (list/names) NDA
Access to Rail Service (list/names) NDA
Roads and Traffic Conditions
Concrete Roads 57.33 km or 57%
Asphalt Roads 52.712 km or 53%
Macadam Roads 110.04 km
Earth Roads
Gravel Roads
Industrial Development / Freeport Zones (list/names)
Real Estate and Construction
Total Land
Land availability – Residential
Land availability – Commercial
Land availability – Industrial
Land availability – Agricultural
Land availability – Government/Religious
Land availability – Special land use (cemetery)
Others – Eco-tourism
Land Price (land lease vs. land purchase locale)
Residential – Lease (per sq.m) 720.00 up to 2,700.00
Residential – Purchase (sq.m)
Commercial – Lease (per sq.m) 900.00 to 3,000.00
Commercial – Purchase (sq.m)
Agricultural – Lease (per sq.m) 15.00 to 300.00
Agricultural – Purchase (per sq.m)
Quality of Life
Government 1
Tertiary 1
Vocational / Technical 2 (K-12)
Secondary 4
Primary / Elementary 13
Pre-School 13
Hotels & Leisure Parks 3
Describe the overall life in the area
Present Administration